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Home brewing beer and fermenting wine has become very popular in the last 10 years or so.

Recently, I was talking with some other lawyers about the strangest case that either they had or had heard of. One lawyer told the group about a woman whose body would brew alcohol. She had been charged with a DUI based on a breath test reading higher than 0.30. Most people would be comatose or even die at that level, but she was functioning normally.

To say the least I was interested, so of course I had to search Google to see if the story was true or even possible. Guess what? The story really happened. There is a medical condition that doctors call auto-brewery syndrome. It is very rare with only a few diagnoses ever recorded.

Long story short, every time this woman ate, her body would turn some of the sugar in her meal to alcohol. The alcohol would show in her system on a breath test, but it was not impairing her ability to function normally or to safely drive a vehicle. Doctor’s diagnosed her with the condition and are treating her with anti-fungal medications and a new diet low in carbohydrates. In the end her case was dismissed. Check CNN for the full story.

I have heard of cases where a DUI breath test or Field Sobriety Test was not correct because of a variety of different reasons. I previously wrote about some other medical conditions that may result in inaccurate breath tests here. I also wrote about medical conditions that would hurt your ability to successfully complete field sobriety tests here.
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