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Drunk Texting and Driving

I just read a great article written by Guy DiMartino over at about the dangers of drunk driving and texting. Specifically, the impact that drunk driving and texting while driving has on a personal injury case. His article reminded me of a post I wrote earlier this year about drowsy driving.


There are many things that can contribute to distracted driving. Among them drunk driving, drowsy driving, texting while driving, passengers, and even eating a hamburger while driving. Most of these aren’t illegal (yet), but they still contribute to people not driving their very best. If you want to take a look at his entire article here is a link: Studies show that distracted driving accounts for increased numbers of accidents and, in turn, injuries and fatalities. Remember that its illegal to text a drive. Doing this will give police an excuse to pull you over. It also may just give police enough reason to investigate you for DUI and ultimately arrest you!

On another note a Florida woman just got arrested for DUI due to using the Periscope app to live stream her drunk driving to her social media followers. Her followers did the right thing and called the authorities. I’m sure she was surprised when police showed up and arrested her.


If you are accused of DUI you need to talk to a DUI attorney about your case as soon as possible. DUI cases can be very complicated. Often there are many different issues that may impact the outcome of your case. It is important to know that DUI cases are typically very complex and it is a good idea to hire an attorney experienced in defending DUIs.

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About the Author: Jesse Block is a DUI attorney at Block Law. He writes articles like this to help you better understand what you are facing when arrested for DUI.

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