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If you are going out this weekend beware of DUI checkpoints throughout Metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

Police setup DUI checkpoints on major roadways every weekend throughout the summer.

For more information about DUI check points check out: 5 Things You Need to Know if YOU Are Stopped at a DUI RoadblockAre DUI Checkpoints enven legal?; and Legitimate Purposes for a Roadblock.
It is important to know your rights and what to do if the police arrest you for a DUI this weekend. Here are some things you should do on your way home from jail if you are arrested this weekend.

If the police arrest you for DUI, contact me at (770) 824-3030 for more information and to schedule your free consultation. Penalties for a DUI in Georgia are stiff and the costs can be outrageous. It is essential for you to talk to an Atlanta DUI attorney as soon as possible.DUI attorney Jesse Block