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Estate Planning For a Married Couple With Two Children

Two adults smiling with two children on their backs“We realize that tomorrow is uncertain, and we want to know that Gabriel* and Alyssa are going to be cared for if something happens to us.”

When Todd and Brenda came to us, they were worried that--should they pass unexpectedly--their two children would not be cared for adequately and according to their expectations. So, we helped them to take charge of their estate plan by:

  1. Placing their assets into a Trust, which will shield them from Probate and provide direction for their distribution, all under the watch of a personal Trustee that they appointed.

  2. Initiating Pour Over Wills, which allowed them to name individualized Executors to oversee the administration of each of their Wills. Their chosen Executors will also be able to transfer any unaccounted for assets to the Trust.

  3. Creating Financial Powers of Attorney for them that allowed them to appoint their own financial agents, who will manage their finances should they not be able to.

  4. Creating Medical Powers of Attorney, which allowed Todd and Brenda to appoint their own Healthcare agents to care for them if they are ever unable to do so.

  5. Creating an Advance Healthcare Directive for each, allowing both Todd and Brenda to make important choices about how they should be cared for if they are incapacitated.

  6. Finalizing each of their individual Disposition Instructions--allowing each of them to choose what will happen to each of their respective remains.

  7. Providing Quit Claim Deeds that will transfer their real property to their own family trust, and thus shield it from Probate.

    *Names were changed or used with permission.