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On How to Avoid Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Jesse A. Block June 29, 2022

Younger person holding older person's arm and scolding themUnfortunately, cases of nursing home abuse are increasing throughout America, and many cases occur in places that were too nice for such things to happen. Block Law wants to make known five red flags commonly associated with nursing home mistreatment, so that you can keep an eye on those responsible for caring for your loved ones.

  1. First, nursing homes are designed for the purpose of caring for the elderly. This purpose includes providing for your elderly loved one’s basic needs--such as providing for their nutrition, assisting with their hygiene, and administering their medications. If these needs are not being met consistently, a supervisor should be notified right away.

  2. Second, a nursing home is just what the name implies to your elderly loved--a home. It is where your elderly loved one spends their days. Those days should not be spent in fear of an abusive employee. Yes, unfortunately this does happen. If your elderly loved one exhibits signs of fear or submission when around certain employees, you should investigate their relationship. This is a sign that abuse from that employee may be occurring.

  3. Third, this may sound harsh, but the purpose of a nursing home--caring for your elderly loved ones--is important enough to require that its employees be able to do their respective jobs attentively and efficiently. If you notice signs of incompetence, chronic lack of knowledge in crucial areas, chronic hesitation to complete essential tasks, or being overwhelmed on the behalf of those caring for your elderly loved one--consult a supervisor.

  4. Fourth, accidents happen; however, accidents that happen too frequently or that happen multiple times without remedy are a cause for worry. Someone may be harming your elderly loved one, and playing it off as accidents.

  5. Fifth, pay attention to your elderly loved one’s social behavior. If your normally-withdrawn loved one suddenly doesn’t want you to leave when you visit--there’s a reason for that. And it may be abuse. Likewise, if your normally-social relative suddenly starts withdrawing from you--this may signal abuse as well.

If you believe that your elderly loved one has been or is being abused, first file a police report. Then, call Kennesaw Elder Law Lawyer, Jesse A. Block at (770) 387-4529. Jesse is ready to help you connect with the right individuals, investigate potential nursing homes, and to find the right personal injury attorney in the unfortunate case that abuse has occurred to your loved one. Call Kennesaw’s Elder Law Lawyer, Jesse A. Block, today at (770) 387-4529, and let me help you to ensure that your elderly loved ones are living the lives that they deserve!