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Creating a Care Team Following Your Loved One’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Jesse A. Block July 6, 2022

Older person sitting in wheelchairAn Alzheimer’s diagnosis typically sparks a feeling of uncertainty and uneasiness that lingers for a while. However, there are a couple of things that you can do to quell those anxious feelings and find relief. First, planning ahead is always beneficial. Doing this will allow you to better control your own future care. Second--more specifically--you can create your own care team.

Why Is Building a Care Team Now Necessary?

Coordinating with people that you trust can bring a sense of calmness back to your life after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. It can also better ensure that your days are spent productively and enjoyably. By coordinating with them--even assigning responsibilities amongst them--those in your care team will know when and where you need them most. This is especially helpful in the later stages of the disease when making decisions can become a difficult task. By creating a care team and giving them specific instructions, you can have more of a say in your future care.

Who Should You Consider for Your Care Team?

Generally, care teams are medleys of family members, religious groups, close friends, neighbors, advisors and consultants (i.e. a Kennesaw Incapacity Attorney, social workers, care coordinators), and physicians.

Helpful Hints to Consider When Creating Your Care Team:

  1. A care team is a collaborative effort--and collaborations work best when team members share in frequent, open, and specific communication. First, notify those whom you would like to be a part of your team, then be sure to communicate to them your needs and expectations.

  2. Be ready for “No.” Taking on the responsibilities of caring for another person is a daunting task. Due to existing priorities or lack of time, some of those whom you consider may not be in a position to agree to take on such responsibilities. This is A-okay--at least they were honest with you and didn’t take on more than they could handle.

  3. Contact Block Law today at (770) 387-4529. Ensuring your future care is an important and complex task. Having an experienced Kennesaw Incapacity Attorney on your side can instantly help you to find peace of mind.

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