Cartersville DUI Attorney

Do you have a Cartersville DUI attorney experienced in dealing with DUI cases in Cartersville Municipal court and Bartow County Superior Court?

It is important to have a lawyer that knows how the “system” works. If you were arrested in Cartersville it is very beneficial to have a DUI attorney that knows what to expect and how to win cases in Cartersville. Click here for more information about what you can expect if you get arrested for DUI in Cartersville or Bartow County. Block Law has years of experience dealing with the different courts and prosecutors in and around Cartersville and Bartow County. Call (770) 387-4LAW for a free consultation!

Cartersville Municipal Court

Judge:  Harry White

Clerk: Dorothy Carson

Prosecutor:  Keith Lovell

Court location:

179 West Main Street
Cartersville, GA 30120

Phone:  (770) 607-6307

If your court is scheduled for 4:00 it is important to know that your attorney can arrive at 3:00 to start negotiating with the solicitor. Speak with your attorney for further instructions about when you should show up for court.

Bartow County Probate Court

Judge:  Mitchell Scoggins

Clerk:  Rhonda Clark

Prosecutor:  Brandon Bowen

Court Location:

135 W. Cherokee Ave
Suite 243A
Cartersville, Georgia 30120

Phone:  770-387-5075

Bartow County Superior Court

Chief Judge: David Smith

Judge:  Carey Nelson

Judge:  Scott Smith

Judge:  Suzanne Smith

Clerk:  Melba Scoggins

District Attorney:  Rosemary Greene

Court Location:

135 W Cherokee Ave
Suite 233
Cartersville, Georgia 30120

Phone:  (770) 387-5025

Nearby county and municipal courts:

Cobb County State Court

Acworth Municipal Court

Kennesaw Municipal Court

Marietta Municipal Court

An experienced Cartersville DUI Attorney can help you navigate the ins and outs of dealing with a DUI charge. Speak to an attorney shortly after your arrest. This will give him or her the best opportunity to fully investigate your case. It is my experience that DUI cases are winable in Cartersville but you need to be as prepared as possible.

If you have been charged with a DUI it is important to speak with a Cartersville DUI Attorney as soon as possible. Contact Block Law at (770) 387-4LAW for more information about how I can help you or to schedule your free consultation.Block Law Cartersville DUI Attorney

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