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Block Law is dedicated to provide zealous representation and personal service to our clients.

My goal is to give clients personal attention and advocacy that is second to none.

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Our Clients Say It Best...


“…I had an amazing attorney on my side. Mr. Block made sure I was always up to date on what was going on with my case… He was compassionate and diligent, and after all his hard work my charges were completely dropped!”

At Block Law we work harder! We are dedicated to provide zealous representation and personal service to our clients. My goal is to give clients personal service and advocacy that is second to none.  Contact us now to schedule a free consultation.

A Familiar Scenario

You go out one night to celebrate your co-worker’s birthday, and you drink a couple of glasses of wine with dinner. Or was it three? The conversation is flowing, and the music is pumping, and you think you only had two glasses, but you may have forgotten a glass or two in the revelry of the evening. At the end of the night, you don’t feel dizzy or tired. In fact, you feel great. You don’t think twice about your ability to drive yourself home.

Until you see those blue lights in your rearview mirror.

It’s a situation we’ve seen far too often. Good people making poor choices even though they have the best intentions.

You may have driven home thinking that you were fine to do so after what seemed like moderate drinking, only to learn that you were over the legal limit. Or perhaps you made an error in your more youthful and reckless days.

The same thing can happen after a day out on the lake. You have a few drinks to relax and cool off in the sun, but you don’t realize how affected you are thanks to the heat and the fun time that you’re having.

Unfortunately, you realize your error all too soon when a law-enforcement official starts questioning you about your drinking.

Should one mistake ruin your life?

At Block Law, we don’t think so. We know that one charge of driving under the influence or boating under the influence can lead to severe consequences that can follow you for the rest of your life. You can face jail time and severe penalties, such as:

  • steep fines

  • loss of your driving privileges

  • termination or loss of future career opportunities

  • poor reputation in your community

  • damage to your family relationships

Block Law provides the criminal defense for DUI and BUI cases that can help you protect your future. Our experienced team can help you protect your legal rights and possibly have the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

Having a tough legal advocate from Block Law on your side can help you put the case behind you more quickly. You may be able to get a better outcome for your case, while also limiting the amount of time you miss from work or the money you have to pay in fines or legal expenses. By working with a DUI/BUI attorney from Block Law, you may be able to keep the charges off your record, helping to protect your driving privileges, keep your insurance rates low, and preserve your reputation in your community and your career field.

At Block Law, you can expect:

Personal Attention:

Prompt communication with direct access to attorney

Immediate action on your case:

Same day or week appointments

Expert legal advice:

Tailored to give you the best outcome for your case.


Confidential Communication:

Sensitivity and respect during what can be the most difficult time of your life.

At Block Law, we know that when people are looking for a criminal defense lawyer they are usually highly stressed. That’s why everything we do is designed to help relieve that stress. We want every client to rest assured knowing that when you hire Block Law you have hired the right attorney.

Our goal is to provide a client experience that changes your belief and attitude toward attorneys.

Often the biggest complaint that clients have with most lawyers is that they can’t get in touch with the attorney they just paid thousands of dollars to. 

Another complaint clients have with most lawyers is that they just have no clue with what is going on with their case and how exactly the attorney is helping them.

We make two promises to clients:

1.  You will have 24/7 access to your attorney through their personal cell phone and email.

2.  You will have a weekly phone update about your case even if it’s just to say nothing new is happening on your case.


Our clients say it best.

When I found myself in a potentially life-altering case, I was terrified of what was to come, and I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully I had an amazing attorney on my side. Mr. Block made sure I was always up to date on what was going on with my case, which took so much stress out of what I thought would be a nightmare. He was compassionate and diligent and after all of his hard work my charges were completely dropped! I highly recommend Block Law, I can’t thank him enough for what he did for me.


Listen, if you’re having troubles with a charge, this man right here is your guy. I was stressing about my case and Jesse was able to get it dismissed completely. This guy right here is a beast. And when I say beast—he is vicious in the courtroom. Five stars. No competition. He told me not to stress at all, and that may be easier said than done, but when it came down to it he was right. No worries. I came out of that courtroom with a smile on my face.